As housing affordability continues to put home ownership beyond the grasp of many Australians, we chat with two friends who pooled resources to make the dream of having their own home a reality. Our lead story explores the ins and outs of turning to mates to help get a foothold on the property ladder.

You’ve found the place you want to buy, but do you have a solid grasp on the difference between what you can borrow to finance it, versus what you should borrow? Figuring out the ‘can’ as opposed to the ‘should’ mortgage sweet spot involves multiple factors, and our Borrowers Dilemma story steps you through everything to consider.

Putting a call out to the Fido and Fluffy owners. We’re running a pet and their person lookalike competition. If you look like your pet, send in a photo of the two of you together for the chance to win $1,000.


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